Baptisms ordinarily occur six times during the year: at the Bishop’s visitation, on Easter Eve or Day, on the Day of Pentecost, on the Sunday nearest Holy Cross Day, on the Sunday after All Saints’ Day, and on the First Sunday after the Epiphany. Instruction for parents and godparents is arranged either as a class, if there are several candidates, or individually. There is a Saturday morning rehearsal the day before the baptism. For more information, speak to any of our clergy.


When a death occurs in the family, parishioners are encouraged to inform the clergy and parish office immediately. The appropriate place for the Burial Office and Eucharist for a Christian who has died is in the church. A brochure designed to help you prepare the Burial Office and Eucharist together with a priest, either for yourself or for a family member, is available in the parish office. Through these services we gather as the Church to commend the departed to God and to share with the departed in the victory over death he or she has received in Jesus Christ.