Capital Campaign

Engaging Our Potential

We are embarking on a journey of faith at Chapel of Our Saviour that has not been attempted in many years. We are raising money to equip our church with the physical requirements to do the spiritual work God has called us to do. This is a large undertaking and will require the active participation of every member of our church family. The name of our journey is: Engaging Our Potential. We have put together a video highlighting some of the reasons why we should and need to engage in this journey.

This journey began almost three years ago with the establishment of a Planning Committee that prioritized the needs of Chapel of Our Saviour. The three areas of focus for this campaign are:

  • ADA accessibility compliance for the Sanctuary and Parish House
  • additional off street parking to allow easier access to the above areas
  • Renovation/restoration/preservation of our beautiful buildings and grounds

God has richly blessed us with Chapel of Our Saviour. We feel there are marvelous plans in store for our future but we must do our part. WE invite each and every member of our church family to join with us in Engaging Our Potential. Below you can view the video of proposed improvements as well as the pdf of the plans. For more information check out the micro-site: Engaging Our Potential