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Pray. Wonder. Love.

We believe that children have a deep relationship with God from birth. At Chapel of Our Saviour, programs for children and teens are designed to help young and growing Christians embrace the true language of faith. Through friendship, prayer, Bible readings and Christian service, our children of all ages can explore their identity in God’s image.

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- Regular meetings resume in the Fall. Nursery care is available through the summer. -

Preschool through 1st Grade                                                                                     

Sundays at 10:45

Children’s Chapel, Sundays at 10:45 am

Young children are constantly exploring our world through sensory experience.  As they finger paint, dig in dirt, listen to stories, build with blocks and play dress up they are making sense of what it means to be alive.  This state of wonder is one that is deeply connected with God.  Our programs for the youngest children attempt to foster that holy relationship and teach the language of faith.  On Sunday mornings children listen to a children's sermon, then head to the Children's Chapel together.  There, they hear the Bible story of the day, told in a developmentally appropriate sensory way.  The children are then invited to reflect on the story and on their lives through a series of hands-on prayer stations. Children join their parents in church again for communion.


Upper Elementary Group Grades 2nd-5th

Worship Wonder, meets during the 10:45 am followed by Kid Coffee Hour for 15 Minutes

Why do we do that? Can I help?  Am I really a part of this place? I’m so grown up! Can I play?

These are some of the things we hear upper elementary aged children ask and declare all the time.  Children in this age are engaging the world in a deeply intellectual way.  They can read and they can write, which leads to extraordinary questioning and wonder. They want to be a part of the world with the adults and they also need to play. Children in upper elementary are invited to participate in Worship Wonder.  Each week they gather together and participate in the Eucharist together at 10:45. The group leads a part of worship such as a prayer each week. After the service they take part in kid coffee hour to ask questions together, prepare for the next week and enjoy friendship.

Upcoming Children’s Events

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