Music Department

“Open in spirit, deep in faith, rich in worship, active in service”

The music at Chapel of Our Saviour seeks to live out this mission statement. Music is most obviously a part of the worship services, and our goal is to be “rich in worship.”

The congregation recognizes and values the place of music in the worship service. We believe with St. Augustine that “he who sings prays twice.”

Music at present is primarily traditional and classical. Our hymns come from The Hymnal 1982, and because many in our congregation are musically literate, we are able to sing about one-third of those hymns in any given year. Also available to us is an in-house published music book of 117 songs of various styles. The choir has copies of Wonder, Love, and Praise and LEVAS II. We have a CCLI license that opens up to us a large body of contemporary music.

We are blessed with good acoustics in the church, so that singing, ringing, and playing is a joy. Most of all, we recognize that music should always enhance our worship and not draw attention to itself, and that music-making at Our Saviour is to the glory of God.

The Music Department at Chapel of Our Saviour welcomes all who wish to share their musical talents. There is a place for you!

Click HERE to Download Choir Anthems for 2019-2020


The choir sings at the 10:45am service from September through May. There are 25 volunteer singers; we are a little light in the tenor and bass sections, but those we have are mighty and powerful. Thanks, guys (and gal).

This year we will sing sixty anthems. 21 of those are new, 22 are by classical composers, and the rest are ones that were particularly chosen to fit the scripture for that day. Highlights from last year 2015-1016 were The Image of God about a Down Syndrome boy; Order My Steps, a jazzy Gospel song; Shine Like the Sun on All Saints’ Day to honor those three choir members who died in 2015 Matt, Inez, and Creta; Salvation in Created by Tschesnokoff, O Nata Lux by Lauridsen. Highlights this year: two anthems from Handel’s Messiah, Fauré’s Cantique de Jean Racine, Duruflé’s Ubi Caritas, Hovland’s The Glory of the Father. For a complete list, see the anthem link above.

Lessons and Carols is always a special service as we celebrate our salvation history in scripture and song. Lessons and Carols will be for two morning services in December.

Rehearsals are Thursday evenings from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Wine and popcorn in the kitchen follow each rehearsal.

Handbell Choirs

There are two handbell choirs at Chapel of Our Saviour: a Wednesday group which plays five + octaves of bells and chimes; and a Thursday group which plays three octave of bells and chimes We play in church about once every two months. Annually all of us attend the February city-wide Handbell Festival, this year on February 18, 2017, which features over 300 ringers and brass. In May we give an outreach concert.

We are blessed to have five octaves of Malmark handbells and a double set of three octaves; we also have four octaves of Malmark chimes. Using the double set, we are able to have beginning ringers ring next to experienced ringers.

Children's Chapel Music

Children’s Chapel (2-6 year olds) has music every week for 10 minutes.  Our children go to their own service after the Children’s Homily, preached at the 10:45am service. In Chapel, we play chimes and learn songs to fit the Gospel lesson. There is also a time for them to hear the Gospel lesson for the day and time to pray.

Children's Christmas Eve Pageant

The 4:15 service Christmas Eve is a very special service for the youth in our congregation. We usually have about fifty children dressed in costume who act out the Christmas story and sing during the pageant. The service begins with youth instrumentalists.


We are blessed with wonderful instrumentalists in our congregation. The policy has been not to pay singers, bell ringers, or added instrumentalists, and so it is special that we have musicians willing to share their wonderful talents. We often have flute for the 8:30 a.m. service, handbells on the hymns; other string players (violin, viola, cello) regularly volunteer their time and talents, and especially for Christmas and Easter. We also have talented youth instrumentalists who play in church and on hymns.

Chapel Chamber Players

In October 2014 we had our first “Baroque and Beyond” Saturday afternoon concert, using musicians from our parish. Featured were:  a string quartet, trombone, one piano four-hands, organ, piano, and vocal solos. Works included a Mozart trio, a new-composed work for viola and piano by a parishioner’s son, and Bach’s C Minor Concerto for Two Harpsichords. Since that beginning we have had two concerts a year and have added readers and dancers. I am thankful to Judy Biondini, who organizes this.

Visual Arts

Although not music, the Music Department organizes this annually as a way to celebrate the creative talents of our parishioners. 1998 was our first festival. This arts show is a non-juried, not-for-sale display of a wide variety of art forms: photography, needlework, furniture and toy making, model ship building, sculpture, poetry, quilting, knitting, pottery, paper-making, and paintings. The Visual Arts Festival is held on the weekend of the second Sunday in March.


We have really fine instruments at Our Saviour: a Holtkamp organ (II/14) 1960/1992; four pianos including a Kawai and a Yamaha baby grand; a Flemish VI Zuckermann harpsichord;  5+ octaves of Malmark handbells and 4 octaves of hand- chimes (bought primarily by past and present parishioners).

Our Music Director

Bonnie Linder, B. Mus cum laude, B.A., M.A., AAGO, has been Music Director at Chapel of Our Saviour since 1991. She graduated from Oberlin Conservatory of Music with a degree in Organ Performance, from Oberlin College with a B.A. in English, and from Stanford University with a Masters degree in Secondary Teaching.

In addition to music at the church, she sings with the community choir Soli Deo Gloria, rings with the Pikes Peak Ringers, directed by Kevin McChesney, and plays for Bible Study Fellowship. As an active member of the local chapter of American Guild of Organists, Bonnie was Director of Pipe Organ Encounter in 2011. In July 2013 the Association of Anglican Musicians Annual Conference was in Denver, and she helped to plan the Colorado Springs day. She helps with two annual city-wide events: the February Handbell Festival for 300+ ringers, and the annual Bach concert in March.