Our Youth Shine!  IHN

The air crackled. Something was afoot. A pent-up energy was let loose. This was no ordinary Sunday afternoon at Chapel. Our youth stormed the Parish House ready for action! It was time again to set up for Interfaith Hospitality Hosting Week. Was it the bright sunny day? The excitement of the new elevator? New friendships being made, in service to others? The remembrances of previous fun times? Perhaps all the above. Personally, it's one of the best days of the year for me.

To be a witness to the sheer joy and energy of our kids working together, in service to Jesus and needy area families, truly warms my heart. With minimal direction, teams self-organized and assigned tasks to each other. But not in any ordinary fashion. Cots came trundling down hallways by dancing and singing girls, then flopped open and made up by other duos of exuberant teens. Bedside tables and lamps flew down narrow stairs from the dark attic into light-filled makeshift bedrooms. Bins of bedding and towels were carefully navigated through crowded spaces. In about an hour's time all duties were accomplished, and we were ready to receive guests into our warm, love-filled house.

For weeks, behind the scenes, adults worked feverishly having meetings and emailing loads of instructions, as new leaders assumed the helm of organizing this twice annual ministry. Each time we host IHN, over 50 parishioners set aside already busy lives to continue their call to be God's disciples. Our winter/spring hosting week usually occurs during Lent, providing us the opportunity to both make sacrifices and take on additional disciplines. The benefit to us is immeasurable.  I pray that we continue to share God's abundance well beyond the forty days of Lent. Chapel of Our Saviour is a haven of love, hope, and sanctuary to so many both inside and outside our walls. 

Patty Smith, Outgoing IHN Volunteer Coordinator