Pastoral Care Ministries

We connect with our fellow parishioners who are ill, hospitalized, or otherwise in need, through our Pastoral Care ministries. These ministries allow us to offer relief to those who need our attention and loving support.

If you are informed of any parishioner who is ill or hospitalized and would like us to know so that we may call or visit, please notify : Sarah Carter, Parish Administrator via the Contact Us form or by calling the office at 719-633-2667.

Prayer requests may be submitted to the church office by filling out the form HERE.

Community of Hope

Community of Hope International is a community "of lay volunteer pastoral care givers united in prayer, shaped by Benedictine spirituality and equipped for and serving in pastoral care ministries”. At Chapel of Our Saviour, there is a group of Community of Hope (COH) lay pastoral caregivers who are trained and commissioned to serve right here in our parish and in the Colorado Springs surroundings. In support of the clergy, we are seeking to be persons YOU can call on for a multitude of needs as you go through the ups and downs of life. We are trained to be a “listening ear” and a “caring heart.” We are also committed to confidentiality, if you so desire. To request a COH pastoral caregiver for yourself, or if you know of someone who would like one, please call the church office (719) 633-2667 or submit your request HERE.

Eucharistic Visitors

The ministry of our Eucharistic Visitors is first to offer communion to those of our body who are unable to worship regularly with us. This includes members who are unable to be with us on a long-term basis and members who are temporarily unable to attend services.  For more information, contact us.

Daughters of the King (DOK)

The Daughters of the King are a group of women living a Rule of Prayer and Service to their neighbors. Thus, they are women to whom parishioners can look for love and for help in time of need, loneliness or strangeness.  They pray for the prayer requests listed in the bulletin; but there may be some who have prayer requests they’d prefer not be printed in the bulletin.  These requests can be given to any Daughter; we keep confidences.  For more information, contact us.