Youth Ministries (7th-12th grade)

Youth Ministry at Chapel of Our Saviour seeks to create and sustain a loving community in which students engage in the practice of Christianity through a fellowship of love, service to others, spiritual discussions, team-building and fun. We strive to encounter the Bible and our faith in everyday language while looking for the face of God all around us. 


upcoming events

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Regular Meetings Begin September 10th


For more information contact the Rev. Krista Dias

This past June, a team of Episcopal youth traveled to Baton Rouge to serve the community there. See a video of their trip below.

2017 Youth Mission Trip: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Sunday Meetings

Youth in grades 6-12 gather every Sunday from 4:00-5:30 pm. They begin with games together, then split into separate groups for Junior and Senior High School reflection, fellowship and service.

Junior Youth Group - (7th & 8th Grade) Sundays 4:00-5:30 pm

Our Junior Youth Group is using a curriculum called Weaving God’s Promises. The title reflects our process of faith formation in which we learn how God’s promises of salvation are inextricably woven into our lives. The goal is to teach our youth the way of Christ, not only in the church but also in the world; to help them make connections between these lessons and their own lives; and to prepare them for Christian adulthood. Through this church school curriculum, we hope to foster the spiritual formation and growth of our youth in Christ’s love and mercy, to teach the spirit of forgiveness and reconciliation, and to send our youth out into the world as Christ’s ambassadors. Weaving God’s Promises runs on a three-year cycle, covering three basic themes; Weaving our Faith, Weaving Together the Family of God and Weaving God’s Beloved Community.

Senior Youth Group (9th-12th Grade), Sundays at 4:00-5:30 pm

The Senior Youth Group reflects on the Benedictine Rule and our Baptismal Covenant.  The teens prayerfully consider how they are being called to live as a community of young Christians in Colorado Springs.  They commit to regularly serving others, praying, studying Christian writings and taking a break from the stresses of life through fun.

Regional Youth Ministry

Regional Youth Events and Confirmation Class pre-teens and teens are discovering who they are in the context of peer community. Christianity is a faith grounded in relationship. When we love each other in community we are better able to live as the saints each one of us is called to be. It is especially important for teens, who are developmentally predisposed to thrive with peers, to live in Christian church community. In order to foster deeper Christian community among Colorado Springs Episcopal youth, we are working closely with Grace and St. Stephen's and St. Michael's to offer meaningful Christian formation for our youth. We gather youth in grades 6-12 regularly for mini lock-ins and special events. We also participate in a regional Confirmation Class. Historically, confirmation was an extension of baptism, when the bishop would ritually mark a new Christian as a part of the larger universal church. Current day confirmation classes are a time for young people to learn more about faith, develop a more adult prayer practice and take on a larger role in the church. It is particularly powerful for teens to have Confirmation class with other teens who represent segments of the larger church. We meet once a month during the school year and rotate location and leadership between the churches. The Confirmation Class program is a two year cycle. 

Pilgrimages and Mission Trips

Each year our youth are offered a summer Mission Trip or Pilgrimage. Stay tuned for upcoming trip information!